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    Spectra Tech employes sophisticated equipment and software to measure and document the Room Reverberation Time (RT60), considered to be a universal descriptor of sound intensity. We can also provide assistance in designing solutions to reduce excessive reverberation times.

    • The RT60 reverberation test measures the time required for a sound to decrease in intensity from it's original maximum level by 60 decibels. The test is normally utilizes a wide spectrum impulse (e.g., gunshot, ballon pop, etc.) or a broad spectrum amplified noise signal that is abruptly turned off, to create the test signal. Our computer-based logging system records the decay in sound level in each of the 1/3 octave bands simultaneously, and assigns a preliminary value to the slope of each frequency plot. we are able to fine-tune the results and adjust the final slope of each frequency line, and determine the RT60 value for each 1/3 octave frequency band.
    • Plot / Print Test Results: We can provide documentation of test results by plotting / printing the test values on paper, and / or provide the reslts in PDF format.


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