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  • Spectra Tech Ltd: OSHA Workplace Occupational Noise Exposure Compliance Onsite Field Testing Services Nationwide CFR 1910.95 App G, Nationwide, Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, Cincinnati, Dayton, Columbus, Springfield, Bowling Green, Knoxville, Portsmouth, Louisville, Lexington, Indianapolis, Frankfort, Lima, Bloomington, Huntington, WVA, OH, IN, KY

    Spectra Tech employes sophisticated equipment and software to measure and document the Time-Weighted Average Sound Level (TWA) that workers experience in thier assigned work area. We can also provide assistance in designing solutions to reduce excessive noise.

    • There are multiple ways to measure the Time-Weighted Average Sound Level (TWA). One way is to have workers wear/carry personal dosimeters for a period of time to record noise experienced throughout a typical work day. This method provides information about the overal dB level (TWA) but does not provide information about the frequencies of noise.
    • A direct measurement can be taken at the location using a data logging sound level meter. Our system can record 1-octave frequency data or 1/3-octave frequency data simultaneos with the overall db level and TWA, while simultaneously recording actual audio. This sort of test can provide the information necessary to design effective noise reduction installations.
    • We can positively identify the sources of noise by recording actual audio associated with the test data. Our system can log data in this manner for up to 1 week unattended.
    • the Time-Weighted Average Sound Level (TWA) values are derived from formulae in accordance with the OSHA standard.
    • Plot / Print Test Results: We can provide documentation of test results by plotting / printing the test values on paper, and / or provide the reslts in PDF format.


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