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  • Spectra Tech Ltd: Consultant, RF, EMF, electromagnetic, field testing services, Richard Lemker, Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, Cincinnati, Dayton, Columbus, Springfield, Bowling Green, Knoxville, Portsmouth, Louisville, Lexington, Indianapolis, Frankfort, Lima, Bloomington, Huntington, WVA, OH, IN, KY

    Spectra Tech employes sophisticated equipment to measure and evaluate AC, DC, and RF Magnetic Fields (expressed in terms of Gauss, Tesla, microTesla, watts per cubic meter). We can also provide assistance in designing solutions to reduce excessive magnetic field levels.

      There are numerous circumstances in which it is important to control magnetic emissions:
    • It has been determined that people can be harmed by exposure to excessive magnetic radiation.
    • Precision testing laboratories and hospitals require elimination of magnetic emissions that exceed the environmental operating criteria for precision diagnostic testing and radiation treatment instruments.

      Test procedures:
    • Magnetic field testing requires the use of one or more precision magnetic field meters.
    • Test readings are taken at multiple locations within a facility.
    • For field surveys to assure precision instrument operation, results are compared with the environmental operating criteria for the instruments, such as ToF-SIM mass spectrometers, or with national guidelines to determine if magnetic field levels are a detriment to precision testing.
    • For field surveys of human exposure levels, the results are compared with national guidelines for human exposure to various types of electromagnetic radiation

      Magnetic Field & Emissions that can be tested by Spectra Tech Ltd:
    • DC static electromagnetic field: triaxial and composite reading, 0 to 799 Gauss (G), 0 to 79,900 microTesla
    • Alternating ELF electromagnetic field - from 40 Hz to 1000Hz, 0.1mG (0.01uT) to 10mG
    • Alternating ELF electromagnetic field - from 40 Hz to 10KHz, 0.5mG (0.05uT) to 600mG - very sensitive
    • RF radiated power level - from 100MHz up to 8GHz (from 0.0005mW/m2), can be converted to provide output level in Tesla


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