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    Spectra Tech employes sophisticated equipment and software to measure and document the Day-Night Average Sound Level (Ldn) as well as the associated Daytime Average Sound Level (Lday), Evening Average Sound Level (Levening), Nighttime Average Sound Level (Lnight). We can also provide assistance in designing solutions to reduce excessive noise, either at the "source" or "receiving" location.

    • We employ self-contained weatherproof systems that can operate unattended on battery for up to one week, with onboard memory to measure noise levels continuously in order to derive the Day-Night Average Sound Level (Ldn) and associated results.
    • The Day-Night Average Sound Level (Ldn) are derived from formulae in accordance with the HUD standard.
    • Our systems can simultaneously log the noise spectrum in all 1-octave or 1/3-octave bands, providing a basis for design of noise mitigation measures.
    • To further help in identifying the source(s) of excessive noise, our systems can record actual audio of noise that exceeds preset thresholds
    • Plot / Print Test Results: We can provide documentation of test results by plotting / printing the test values on paper, and / or provide the reslts in PDF format.

    For a more comprehensive list of acoustical measurement variables and criteria that can be measured and / or computed, please visit Detailed Measurement Specifications & Definitions

    For specifications on our primary audio test equipment, please visit Audio Test System Specifications

    A number of noise and vibration monitoring stations can be provided to you on a subscription basis. See System Specifications


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