Do you know of a non-profit entity project that has an imminent need for Spectra Tech’s services?

For a limited time only, Spectra Tech Ltd will select one Non-Profit Organization each month to

receive up to 10 hours of our professional services at no cost



Application for award of free services may be made by the non-profit entity, their project architect, or design-build contractor:

DETAILS OF THIS OFFER (all terms apply):

1.      This offer is available to any non-profit organization located within 150 miles of Cincinnati, Ohio. Spectra Tech's work outside of our offices (including on-site testing and meetings with project staff, if required) must be performed within the same geographical area.

2.      A project for the benefit of a non-profit organization may be registered for a chance to receive free services by any person employed by the non-profit entity, or by any person employed by an architectural firm or design-build contractor providing services to the non-profit entity. Applicant may request any service(s) offered by Spectra Tech Ltd on this website.

3.      On the first business day of each month, one non-profit organization project requiring Spectra Tech's professional services, nominated in the preceding month via the online email application form belowor by phone, will be selected to receive up to 10 hours of Spectra Tech's professional services at no cost to the non-profit entity. The services may be rendered directly to the non-profit organization, or rendered to assist the organization's project architect or design-build contractor.

4.      An organization or project is eligible to receive free services only once per project, but may re-register each month if not selected in the prior month.

5.      Spectra Tech Ltd's standard terms of contract and liability for services rendered apply to all work performed by Spectra Tech Ltd. Spectra tech's staff travel time is considered "professional service" time. The maximum value of fees and expenses provided by Spectra Tech at no cost will be limited to $1500.00 per project, based on Spectra Tech's prevailing fee and charge rates.

6.      An organization awarded free services though this program may retain Spectra Tech Ltd to perform additional services, to be billed at Spectra Tech Ltd's prevailing fee and charge rates.

7.      By registering for this offer for free services, the non-profit organization doing so is not obligated to hire Spectra Tech Ltd.  Similarly, Spectra Tech Ltd is not required to award free services and will exercise sole discretion in selecting the recipient(s) of free services.

8.      The designated non-profit recipient of free services is responsible for compliance with the organization's policies with respect to reporting and receipt of gifts or gratuities, and agrees to provide Spectra Tech with a tax-exempt donation receipt for the market value of services received at no cost. This offer is void when acceptance of free services is specifically prohibited by the non-profit client’s policies.

9.      A non-profit entity, by registering at our online site via the online email form available below, or by phone, thereby agrees to the terms and conditions of this offer. The award free services will be made by Spectra Tech Ltd only if all terms and conditions set forth in this offer are met by the registering non-profit entity.


Send us an email message by clicking on the word “REGISTER” below. Include your name and contact information, the name and address of the non-profit organization, and a description of services requested from Spectra Tech.

Or use your email program to send this information to Non-profit_offer@SpectraTechLtd.com, or call our office at (513)419-9169 to register by phone..

Please let us know if you require immediate assistance at this time. After registering, use the BACK button on your browser to return to this page and the Spectra Tech website.